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Data collection for Case Study 3 is currently ongoing in the Lungau region in Salzburg

In order to make the best possible use of the fine weather in summer, forage collection is currently the main activity within Case Study 3. Therefore, a selected area of one square meter of meadow is assessed on every farm. A standardized metal frame defines an area of one square meter. The forage within this area is then mowed with a hedge trimmer and gets collected. The fresh mass weight is now determined directly on site. A sample of 600 g is brought back to AREC in a cool box. Further analysis containing, dry matter-, nitrogen- and phosphorous content is conducted in the laboratory of AREC.

During the growing season (May to September), samples of forage, slurry and soil are taken on 22 farms in the Lungau region to be further analysed in the laboratory of AREC. The obtained data will help depict the N and P cycles of dairy farms in the Lungau region.

For more information you can visit the Case Study page.

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