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Circular Agronomics’ Catalonia case study was presented and discussed at the 16th World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion, held between 23 and 27 June, 2019, in Delft, the Netherlands.

In Catalonia, the project aims to:

  • close N and P cycles at the farm level by producing high-quality fertilisers through the application of solar/thermal drying to the combinations of different fractions generated during the anaerobic treatment of manure (+co-substrates), the solid-liquid separation of digestate, and the stripping of the liquid fraction;
  • avoid N emissions through manure acidification and compare with a reference process without emission control. Additionally, acidification strategies using CO2 will be investigated as a replacement of the usual acidification reagents to elucidate the feasibility of using combustion gases at industrial level.

Find out more in the Catalonia case study poster.

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