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19 partners are involved in the consortium representing 10 different countries (8 EU Member States and 2 Non-EU: Switzerland and Kenya). The competences of all partners fully cover the entire innovation value chain and include: research institutes and foundations, planning and consulting companies, technology and process providers, end users and dissemination experts.

Expert advisory board

Mrs. Sandra Esteves

Professor at the Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC). University of South Wales (UK)

Expertise: Biotechnology. Organic waste degradation and product recovery (energy, materials chemical and nutrients). Anaerobic digestion.

Mr. Javier Brañas

Research Director of Fertiberia S.A. (ES)

Expertise: Fertilisation management and products; irrigation techniques: fertigation, automatisation and telemonitoring; and horticultural crops: soilless culture.

Mr. Ludwig Hermann

President of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) BE

Expertise: Ludwig has 35+ years of experience as technology, sustainability and innovation manager and consultant on 3 continents, was co-founder and long-term CEO of ASH DEC Umwelt AG, is co-inventor of minerals/ash decontamination, phosphorus recovery, energy conversion and efficiency technologies, author and co-author of several patents, reports, papers and book chapters on recovery of critical materials, nutrient recycling and renewable energy.