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In the scope of the Horizon 2020 funded project “Circular Agronomics” we aim to reduce environmental impacts by maintaining agricultural productivity. Therefore, we have investigated different innovative technologies to close nutrient loops, increase their efficiency in usage and reduce associated emissions. Several processes were piloted since the project’s start.

In preparation to evaluate their market readiness, the next step is to extrapolate our findings from the pilot-scale operations towards existing large-scale operations. In order to create a theoretical exploitation study, we are looking for interested biogas plant operators and food-industry wastewater treatment plant operators. Based on a few data from your biogas/ treatment plant (e.g. volume flow, dry residue, organic dry residue, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, phosphate, potassium), we will extrapolate energy and material flow schemes, environmental footprint, costs and legal aspects for your plant and the technology of your choice.

Please take your time and read below for more detailed information regarding our five Circular Agronomics Technologies:

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