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Register for our policy workshop!

On March 29th we’ll be organising an online policy workshop with the title: Achieving Farm to Fork’s 50% reduction in nutrient losses by 2030 – what role for farmers and consumers?

Our current agricultural system makes a very inefficient use of nutrients, contributing to water and air pollution. One of the objectives of the Green Deal of the European Commission, through the Farm to Fork strategy, is the reduction of nutrient losses by at least 50% while ensuring that there is no deterioration in soil fertility. The EC expects that this will reduce the use of fertilisers by at least 20% by 2030. To achieve this, integrated nutrient management plans will be developed by MSs with the objective of reducing and preventing further pollution from excessive use of fertilisers, while also encouraging nutrient recycling from organic waste as fertilisers.

One of the specific objectives of Circular Agronomics project is to “contribute to the improvement of the European Agricultural Policies by providing evidence based, farmer led and consumer relevant recommendations for the agri-food chain”. With this workshop, we aim to provide policy makers, farmers and the general population with the experience gained in a set of EU funded projects towards achieving nutrient circularity and reducing nutrient pollution. The goal is to contribute towards achieving the objective set by the Farm to Fork strategy for 50% reduction in nutrient losses by 2030.

The policy workshop organised by Circular Agronomics will discuss ways in which to achieve the goals set by the Farm to Fork strategy for reduction in nutrient losses by 2030. This will feed from the results and experience developed in Circular Agronomics as well as in three other EC funded projects under H2020. An EC officer from DGSante responsible for the Farm to Fork strategy will give a presentation on the Farm to Fork.

The event will be organised in the context of the European Nutrient Sustainable Initiative (ESNI) Conference, which is organised on an annual basis by the Biorefine Cluster Europe.

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