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On February 15th, the Final Conference of Circular Agronomics will be held with the title: “A multidimensional approach for a more sustainable and circular nutrients management in agri-food system.”

“From technology, to farmers adoption and consumers acceptance”

Agriculture, and in particular livestock, uses nutrients inefficiently, contributing to water and air pollution and global warming. One of the objectives of the Green Deal of the European Commission (EC), through the Farm to Fork strategy, is the reduction of nutrient losses by at least 50% while ensuring the soil fertility. The EC expects that this will reduce the use of fertilisers by at least 20% by 2030. To contribute to the EC objectives, Circular Agronomics aims to convert agriculture into a more circular and sustainable sector through short- and long-term measures from practical innovations to costumer awareness and facilitating legislation.

At its Final Conference, the Circular Agronomics consortium will present the solutions and innovations that has developed to achieve a more sustainable agriculture with a circular management of carbon and nutrients in Europe.  The key outcomes of the project like the policy recommendations will be highlighted and discussed with the relevant stakeholders, including citizens, researchers, EC policy officers, representatives of consumers and farmers. Members of Nutri2Cycle , Rustica, Lex4Bio and Fertimanure (EC funded projects under Horizon 2020), will also participate sharing their results and experiences.

Many of the innovative solutions developed help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture and recover nutrients that otherwise would be lost. However, results are very promising when farmers are able to invest in such innovations and build up the necessary knowledge. At the same time, consumers need transparent product labeling to make the right decision based on their norms. For this reason, Circular Agronomics aimed to understand farmers objectives and motivations as well as consumers behaviour.

The Final Conference of Circular Agronomics will be an opportunity to share and prompt dialogue on how to strengthen the transition to a more environmental and climate – friendly agriculture.

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