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A lively summer school entitled “Soil Ecology in the Circular Agroecology” was organized  in Wageningen University and Research (the Netherlands) from 13th-17th June 2022, in which several Circular Agronomics’ partners were involved regarding the organisation and lectures. The week gathered eleven young researchers from all over the world. It was organized by Paolo Di Lonardo, Jan Willem van Groenigen (in the CA project), Laura Ferron (in the CA project) and Alix Vidal (in the CA project) from the Soil Biology group at WUR.

Some outstanding speakers were invited to share their expertise and passion with the group, including Hannah van Zanten (FSE, WUR), Andrew Margenot (Crop Sciences, UIUC, US) and Fabian Kraus (KWB, Berlin – in the CA project). Participants gained basic knowledge in soil ecology and in fundamental soil biogeochemical processes with respect to carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles. The early career scientists also got the chance to learn about the principles of circular economic and the potential tools that could be used to enhance the development of circular agroecosystems (e.g., using novel fertilizers). The summer school was a nice combination of  theoretical and practical learning experiences and provided a unique opportunity for young scientists to establish a solid research network in a relaxed atmosphere

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