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The Consortium of Circular Agronomics met in Berlin from 26 to 28 September for the 4th General Assembly. After 2 years of virtual meetings, we could finally see each other’s in person. It was great. 

As Circular Agronomics is at the last semester of its running, we spent three busy days presenting the final results and in planning the last activities to end the Project.

The first day, the Agenda included a presentation of the General Status of CA and the lessons learned from the six case studies, through which different innovative technologies were investigated to close nutrient loops, increase their efficiency in usage and reduce associated emissions. In the afternoon, the social session took place to present the farmer survey which has identified the determinant factors and barriers that affect farmers adoption of several innovative solutions. We finally concluded the meeting discussing the last communication and dissemination activities to put in place.

The evening was followed by a nice dinner on a magic boat restaurant called The Van Loon where we had excellent vegetarian food!

The second day started with the “Animal and Technology session”, which was followed by a long policy session in which we discussed the most important recommendations to policy makers based on the project´s results. An interesting Simulation Game helped us understand the different point of views of the various agricultural stakeholders. After lunch, the consortium went to visit the research station of Berge, where we could also enjoy a very nice barbecue and some ping-pong games!

The third and last day was dedicated to the final wrap up and the next steps to undertake until February, when we will have the Final Event in Brussels. (More information will be available soon).

We are thankful to our Berlin partners for organising the successful event!

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